Hillpark Taekwon-Do

I.T.F. plaque no. 5238

Class Format

Taekwon-Do training consists of several components, namely -:

  • Fundamental Movements
  • Patterns
  • Sparring
  • Destruction or breaking
  • Special technique

    What to expect?

    The average class usually consists of the following -:

    WARM UP - Every lesson starts with a warm up, to prepare the body for physical exercise and stretching, whilst reducing the risk of injury.
    CARDIO - Circuits or another form of cardio-vascular workout is usually incorporated to improve fitness. This can be mixed with punching or kicking drills on the pads.
    STRETCHING - Stretching is always undertaken prior to performing any Taekwon-Do movements and can be incorporated into the warm up or the cardio section of the class. Occasionally, dedicated stretching classes are held to specifically concentrate on improving students stretches, aiming for maximum flexibility.
    FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENTS - These are the basic punches, strikes, blocks and kicks that make up every Taekwon-Do movement. These are the essential elements of every aspect of Taekwon-Do training, be it pattern, sparring or destruction. Fundamental movements can also incorporate striking "focus" pads using hand and foot techniques as well as bag work

    The following elements are also practiced. The content of training sessions are usually dictated by forthcoming events, such as grading examinations or tournaments etc etc. -:


  • Patterns are a set numbers of offensive and defensive fundamental movements against an imaginary opponent. There are 24 patterns in Taekwon-Do and all patterns up to and including the student's grade are concentrated on.
  • Sparring is carried out using full safety equipment under supervised instruction. I.T.F. style Taekwon-Do utilises "semi-contact" sparring. this means that attacks are required to stop with 2cm of the opponents body, in order to count. Heavy contact sparring is not tolerated under any circumstances. Other forms of sparring include 3 step, 2 step and 1 step sparring. These forms of sparring are pre-arranged and are designed to prepare the student for "free sparring"
  • Destruction or breaking, is the use of Taekwon-Do techniques to break wooden boards, plastic boards, bricks or other objects. These movements are only carried out after sufficient conditioning of the body and under close supervision by an Instructor.
    Special techniques are basically the spectacular and flashy jumping and flying kicks that the name "Taekwon-Do" has become synonymous with.

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