Hillpark Taekwon-Do

I.T.F. plaque no. 5238


English Open Championships -
K2, Crawley
27th June 2009

!!!!!! RESULTS !!!!!!
This years English Open Championships were held at the K2 Arena, Crawley, and the guest of honour was Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree, the Founder of the U.K.T.A.
The undernoted students achieved the following:
John Reilly Bronze 5th Degree Patterns
Dougie Macfarlan Bronze 4th Degree Patterns
Kirsty Reilly Gold 2nd Degree Patterns
Kirsty Reilly Bronze Black Belt Sparring
Graham McCreadie Silver Green Belt Sparring
Patrick Low Gold Yellow Belt Sparring
Kumail Khan Gold Green Belt Sparring
Julie Cabrey Bronze Green Belt Sparring

Congratulations to all those who took part in the championships.

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