Hillpark Taekwon-Do

I.T.F. plaque no. 5238


Training Pictures

Ian Cameron - Flying Reverse Turning Kick Ms Stewart II Degree - Side Pushing Kick Mr Singh I Degree - Dollyo Chagi Ms Stewart II Degree - High Side Kick Ian Cameron - Flying Side Kick Ms Stewart II Degree - Side Piercing Kick

80's Archive Pictures

A young Mr Reilly performing pattern Hwa Rang Jumping Back Kick Blocked A young Mr Turner performing Flying Side Kick A thin Mr MacFarlan performs high side kick Flying Twisting Kick

Demonstration Pictures 9th June 2001

Mr Reilly uses Flying High Kick to smash a roof tile Mr Grant performs Overhead Kick Mr Reilly performs Flying Reverse Turning Kick Sean smashes 1 inch Pine using Turning Kick Mr McFarlan performs Jumping Front Kick
Mr Reilly performs High Side Kick Mr Miller - Competition Sparring Mr McFarlan uses Jumping Back Kick to smash a breeze block Mr Reilly - Flying High Kick Mr McFarlan - Reverse Turning Kick
Mr Reilly smashes 1 inch Pine using Flying Reverse Turning Kick Mr McFarlan - Jumping Side Kick Mr Miller smashes a breeze block using Side Kick Mr McFarlan smashes a roof tile using Flying Twisting Kick Mr Miller performs Flying Turning Kick

Championships Pictures 26th May 2001

Mr Reilly - Scottish Open Special Technique Kirsty and Val - Medal Winners Scottish Open 2001 Mr McFarlan - Scottish Open Special Technique Val - Middle Weight Final Mr Reilly - Gold Medal - 3rd Degree Patterns

More Training Pictures

Mr Turner - Flying Twin Foot Twisting Kick Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha - Turning Kick Mr McFarlan - Flying Split Kick March 2002 Promotions Mr Turner - Flying Split Kick
Stephanie performs turning kick Mr Singh - Jumping Back Kick Grandmaster Rhee Mr MacFarlan performs Mid-Air Kick Mr Turner - Flying Side Kick
Hardip performs Flying reverse turning kick Mr Miller - flying side kick Mr Reilly - high side kick Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha- Forefist punch Mr Grant - Flying Side Kick
Mr Singh Jr performs High Side Kick Kirsty performs side kick Hardip performs side kick Mr Grant performs Jumping Reverse Turning Kick Mr Grant and Hardip crossing side kicks
Mr McFarlan - High Twisting Kick Mr Miller - High Side Kick Mr Reilly drops the Axe Mr Reilly - High Side Kick Mr Rhee V Degree - Flying Split Kick
Mr Reilly and Mr McFarlan Cross Kicking Mr Reilly - Pushing Side Kick Mr McFarlan - Flying Front Snap Kick  Mr Miller - Power Test Mr Grant - Fundamental Movements

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