Hillpark Taekwon-Do

I.T.F. plaque no. 5238


A bit more about the school and some preaching...

We are a Glagow (Scotland) based School which has been running since 1990 under the watchful eye of the charismatic Mr Krishan Ram.

During the years the club has been running Mr Ram has built up a close knit group of Students who see Taekwon-Do as an integral part of their life a way to focus themselves.

This is far cry from the image that most have of people training to be Martial Artists; hooligan's wishing to learn to beat people up. For most, it is simply a way of defending themselves in a crazy world. For others it is a way to gain confidence, get fit and accelerate their spiritual learning curve.

So, rather than promote fighting, training in Taekwon-Do encourages the practitioner to avoid a fight and resolve situations in an amicable way. However, if an injustice is being done it is their duty (and ours) to stand up for what is right.

As Edmund Burke(1729-1797) said ' The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'.

With an avoidable situation, the knowledge of the injuries that a practitioner can inflict on an assailant urges him to find a non-violent means of ending a potentially violent situation.

In my opinion Taekwon-Do rounds off a person's personality, calms them, and focuses their minds on the more important aspects of life away from the petiness of everyday life. Spoken from experience!!!

Iain Miller